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Focusing on a set of solid technologies (React, NodeJS and the JS ecosystem around them) used by large-sized companies, nata.house maximizes results for its clients. Our services are even more effective upon a follow-up provided by senior engineers and expert architects, who will help you achieve the optimal solution for each project. Since we are not simply developers, upholding strong roots in business, we embrace continual evolution and innovation in our internal processes, towards the improvement of our services. We do not intend to be regular software developers, yet to achieve excellency in our working methods for our clients and associates.



The nata.house way


We dedicate special attention to the initial phases of the projects, in order to prevent you from wasting time and the investment of resources in ideas that will not live up to the expected financial results.


We know how hard it can be to develop software. That is why we keep constant communication, doing the best we can to facilitate the process for you.

Cutting-edge tech

By specializing in the technologies mentioned above, we have greatly increased the productivity of our team and the quality of the code - so we deliver faster and better.

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